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I really need to be packing... But in the meantime, aside from running all over the state with my friends as we frantically try to cram an entire summer's worth of playing into the last week, I made some corrections and added some additional notes for Blaze in my previous post (teach me to do these things at three in the morning) and did the translation for Amrita with the help of Lothe at the forums, for which I thank her immensely; the thing was sending me into twitching fits. I still want to do my own version of Loop, even though it's been done several times before, and I may or may not do Jasmine as well, but either way I'll probably have finished off this random urge to translate - I did make a few stabs at romanizing Aerial, but the scan of the kanji sheet is just too small to see properly.

Note: Romaji can be found here.

Amrita (1)

Listen and you can hear the distant sound
of someone humming a familiar song,
like sacred nectar, like a dream
Let me sleep surrounded by it

Why is the world being washed away in contradictions and helplessness?
At sunset,
we always watched the madder-red clouds together
but you can't be with me anymore

When the silver rain began to fall, I thought that it was a part of me
and I dried my tears

The shooting stars that rain straight down
on your body, on your shoulders, are amrita

Your heart can feel the nights
when the earth itself is crying
If your wounds are hurting you,
shoot your wish as an arrow up to the sky

When the silver rain began to fall, I thought that it was a part of me
Please stop the passing of time

The sound of raindrops echoes across the horizon,
something definite that,
in those days, was amrita

When the silver rain began to fall, I thought that it was a part of me
and I dried my tears

Shooting stars cascade straight down
and become the rain that falls on you... amrita

(1) According to, "amrita" is both the ambrosia prepared by the Hindu gods that bestows immortality and the immortality derived from drinking it.
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