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I finally got around to finishing the Sanagi lyrics the other day. Much love for whoever scanned the movie fanbook, since that's where I got the kanji sheet. Much love for this song, too!

Sanagi ~theme from xxxHOLiC the movie~

Karada no usui nenmaku wo chokusetsu betabeta to sawarareru you na
anata no sono mushinkei na yubi mo zokuzoku shite kirai ja nakatta
Demo itsudatte anata to kitara houtte oku to uso bakari
watashi no koto wo baka da to hajime kara omotte ita kuse ni

Konna hi ga kuru to omoi mo shinakatta kedo
mada soko ni anata ga iru kehai sura kanjiru no

Anata ga inaku natte kara mou zutto karada wa sanagi-iro ni natte kawaite
fuyu no samui heya de umarekawaru no maru de sore wa utsukushii chou mitai ni
mada nurete iru sono hane wo dareka ni dame ni sarenai you ni
sukoshizutsu hiraite iku no sora wo tobu yume wo mite...

Sonna hi ga fui ni yatte kuru no da to shitara
sono hane de doko e tonde ikeba ii kashira

Kachiku ni namae ga nai you ni anata no namae wo wasurete shimau no
omoidashite naite shimau yori mo anata jitai wo keshite shimau no

Sonna hi ga itsuka yatte kuru no deshou ka
Anata to no hibi ga mou yurusareru no deshou ka
Sonna hi ga itsuka yatte kuru no deshou ka
Subarashii hibi ga itsu no hi ka...

Chrysalis ~theme from xxxHOLiC the movie~

It's like I can feel the weak membrane of my body clinging to me all over
You felt a thrill through that thick-skinned finger of yours too, and you didn't hate it
But even so, whenever I was with you, you'd leave me alone with nothing but lies
Despite it all, you thought I was an idiot from the beginning

When this day came, my memories didn't die,
but even if I'm worried that you're still there, I can feel it

Ever since you've been gone, my body has been changing to the color of a chrysalis
I'll be reborn in this cold winter room, just like a gorgeous butterfly
In a way that won't destroy me or change me into someone else,
those still-wet wings will open, little by little, and I dream of flying through the sky...

If a day like that suddenly comes
I wonder if I'll be able to fly anywhere I want with those wings

Just like the cattle that have never been granted names, I'll forget yours completely
Rather than reminisce and cry, I'll erase you completely

I wonder if a day like that will come someday
I wonder if I've been released from the days I spent with you
I wonder if a day like that will come someday
Those wonderful days will come someday...

Date: 2005-11-03 03:58 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Even without the scan or translation (you know i'm not able to download ANYTHING, thanks for the Kurogane/Kuroparents scan) I think that my be how it will turn out. I'm hoping that Doumeki finds out and tries to save Watanuki too. But wouldn't you like to see Himawari at there? And Doumeki, I want you to save Watanuki (but, yes, do get hurt somehow so you we all know you two care about eachother). But then won't it be really predictable if they both end up in that "omg! I love that jerk doumeki!". Heh.

Date: 2005-11-05 04:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Himawari? Well, I actually do like her well enough - I think she's very cute, and I can totally see why Watanuki is crushing on her - but I'm not really interested in her beyond finding out what she is, and I don't think she's a good match for Watanuki at all. Aside from the fact that if Yuuko says it's a bad idea, it almost certainly is, Himawari's too fluffy to give Watanuki the kind of support he needs. Also, while I think a big part of the reason Watanuki likes her is that to him, she represents all the normality that he doesn't have (of course, there's no way she's normal, but then he's a dear boy but not too bright sometimes), that also means she can't really understand all the trouble he has, either.

Out of all Watanuki's possible choices for romantic interest, I like Doumeki best, but honestly, xxxHOLiC doesn't really need a (reciprocated) romance, in my mind; I'll be just as happy if Watanuki doesn't end up with anyone. Mostly I want Doumeki to get Watanuki's eye back for him because CLAMP spent so much time showing how hard Doumeki is working to try and return it, and it would feel a bit anti-climactic to me if it doesn't pan out. Then again, CLAMP rarely disappoints me, so I'll probably like whatever they do. ^_^

Date: 2005-11-27 11:34 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
his 'eye'? Like, 'apple of my eye' or like REAL eye? (if it's a real eye-how?!) (yes, i am stupid and light-headed. sorry.) you know, i'm not really into that shounen-ai stuff (light or hot and heavy) but with Watanuki and Doumeki i somewhat approve. have you read the sixth volume yet (or remember it fully)? This is a SPOILER if you haven't read it (but you have-i'm sure) so anyway, remember that (spirit) woman who Watanuki kept seeing but no one liked it (not Yuuko, not Doumeki, and a little Himawari) and then Doumeki shoots her with an arrow? Well, after the woman faded away (and said some really kind words to Watanuki too >sniff, sniff<) Yuuko tells Watanuki to think more carefully about how he returns the kindness Doumeki has showed (and she's SERIOUS). Then comes school and he's about to have lunch with Himawari when Doumeki (and Watanuki's conscience) comes and Watanuki...well, you know. (I loved that picture of Doumeki.)

Doesn't that somewhat prove that Doumeki and Watanuki will be friends (don't you DARE end up with Himawari!!!)? Maybe more, right? But then again...anyway, I actually hope Watanuki has something to fall back on (or someone) if everything caves-in.

(p.s. That part about Himawari being the representation of normality in Watanuki's life was deep. heh. *smile*)

Date: 2005-12-31 08:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
(Sorry about the long pause; I haven't had much chance to get on the computer lately)

Ah hah. Um. I'm assuming you don't mind spoilers, since you clicked the link with the warning and all, so yes, real eye. ^_^() The super-condensed version of the story is that Doumeki was cursed by a spider and lost the ability to open his right eye, and Watanuki appealed to Yuuko to get the curse transferred to himself instead; he ended up losing the sight out of his right eye (i.e., the eye is still physically there, but it's empty and white). Doumeki was Not Pleased when he found out what happened, and he became more or less obsessed with finding a way to restore Watanuki's eye. The storyline just wrapped up a few chapters ago, and I really liked the way it ended after all.

you know, i'm not really into that shounen-ai stuff (light or hot and heavy)

I usually don't think of it in exactly those terms; I like any pairing that comes across as interesting and having good chemistry, but it often happens that I don't like anime/manga females (they tend to play to stereotype more often than males do - or more likely it's just that I find the female stereotypes more annoying), so I generally come across as more of a boy's love fangirl. Really, I like Doumeki/Watanuki because I think those characters are entirely too much fun together, same as Clow/Yuuko. ^_^

Yup, I loved the sixth volume of xxxHOLiC; it combined Doumeki/Watanuki and Watanuki missing his parents, which are the two story elements guaranteed to make me melt faster than anything. I really think Watanuki did realize that he and Doumeki are friends after all once Yuuko pointed out Doumeki's view of the situation to him; now he's just being stubborn about not wanting to admit it out loud. Luckily, Doumeki seems able to read Watanuki's actions pretty well, which usually leads to the melty parts (and yes, I loved Doumeki's expression too!)

(p.s. That part about Himawari being the representation of normality in Watanuki's life was deep. heh. *smile*)

Heh. I just think it's funny that Watanuki is so dead-set against the "weird" people and things in his life, given that the parents he loved so much must have had some manner of "weird" blood too. ^_^()

Date: 2006-01-16 03:40 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
really? thanx. your good at making summaries. thank you for replying (as annoying as I am)...haha. But don't you think it's weird that Yuuko (or maybe it's CLAMP) has a thing for the characters' right eye(s). C'mon, Syaoran, Seishirou, now Watanuki? Yuuko, is there just something about the right eye, or have you drawn straws and it's always come up right eye? (No, I don't mean that Syaoran's blind in his right cause of Yuuko.)Yay. Doumeki was not plzd. That means he cares. ^.^

Date: 2006-01-22 04:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's no problem at all; don't worry about it. And yes, CLAMP is a little obsessed with eyeballs - I think this brought it up to a grand total of five one-eyed characters, actually (six if you count Doumeki, since he did lose his sight for a day or so), which is beginning to get a bit ridiculous. I've been playing around with a theory that it must be a metaphor, but I haven't made it make sense yet. It's either that or someone really did load the Angst Dice so they always come up eyes.

Doumeki was not plzd. That means he cares. ^.^

Oh, if you thought he was making good faces in volume 6... ^_~


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