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Just the one Tsubasa song today; I'm too tired to hack through the xxxHOLiC stuff right now.

dream scape

Vocal: FictionJunction KAORI

Mita koto no nai kusa no umi ga
gin-iro ni yurete zawameite
Yume to utsutsu no sakaime atari no keshiki (1)

Kimi ni deau tame?
Soretomo mada minai dareka no hitomi no tame
Kaze wo wakete yuku
dream scape

Mou sugu naru yo ne, mezamashi no oto
Demo sono saki mo mada yume ka mo shirenai ne
Daiji na mono wa doko ni ita tte amari kawaranai yo ne

Mezametemo mada koko ni iyou to omou yo
Sore ga yuuki to iu mono ka to mo omou yo

Sittin' in the silence... everlasting night breeze
(I believe... I deceive... I relieve...)
Kurasugite mienai dake sa...
In my...

Nakitaku nakute houtte atta mune no sasakure ni
imagoro oikakerarete iki mo tsukenakute
shigamitsuite ita shinjitsu ga boroboro ni karete ochiru made

Ima chotto mienai dake sa...

Genjitsu datte yume datte kimi wo mayowaseru dake dakara sa

Sakamichi no ue no magarikado, ikutsu demo sono saki ni ikitai
ongaku no naka ni shika nai fuukei no mukou e
Kurasugite mienai dake sa...

Yume no tsudzuki ni wa yume ga
nanairo no meiro mitai ni
Onkai no nai kusabue ni uta wo mitsukeru tame ni
hirosugite me ga kurandemo
utaisugite nodo ga karetemo
mita koto no nai kusa no umi wo
Tatoe kimi ga inaku nattemo

Kurasugite mienai dake sa...
dream scape


A sea of grass I've never seen
is swaying and rustling in the silver
This is the scenery at the border between dreams and waking reality

Is it in order to meet you?
Or is it for the eyes of someone I still haven't seen?
I'll go on, dividing the wind
dream scape

The alarm clock will ring soon, huh?
But what's beyond that might still be a dream, right?
No matter where you are, your precious things don't change, you know

Even if I wake up, I'm sure I'll still be right here
I think that might be what they call courage

Sittin' in the silence... everlasting night breeze
(I believe... I deceive... I relieve...)
It's just that it's too dark to see...
In my...

The fragment of my heart that I flung away because I didn't want to cry
is chasing after me now, until I can't even catch my breath
and the reality I clung to withers and falls, piece by piece

It's just that I can't quite see right now...

Whether it's a dream or reality, it will just confuse you

However many bends there are in the road at the top of the hill, I want to go beyond them,
to the other side of the scenery that exists only in music
It's just that it's too dark to see...

There's another dream in the continuation of a dream,
like a maze with seven colors
In order to find a song in a reed pipe that can't play scales,
even if it's too vast and my eyes get dizzy,
even if I sing too much and dry out my throat,
I'll take that sea of grass I've never seen and...
Even if you disappear...

It's just that it's too dark to see...
dream scape

(1) The kanji "gen" (current, actual, existing) is given the reading "utsutsu" (reality, consciousness).

Thanks to Mink on the forums for helping with the translation!
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