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2007-12-18 08:07 pm

lyrics: Synchronicity, Saigo no Kajitsu

Things that have made me fangirl recently:

1) Emilie Autumn - Why did no one tell me about her? Victoriandustrial is pretty much everything I could ask for in music.

2)She and Her Cat - Actually, I've loved this short for a long time, but the first snowfall always reminds me of it, and I have to watch it again.

3) Actual activity on the Kormanslash communities - Eleven posts since the beginning of November! Given that before that, there was one in September and a couple in August, that's doing pretty well. I shouldn't complain, seeing as I have no intention of writing Korman fic at the moment, but it's my smallest fandom, and it makes me happy whenever it proves that it's not dead yet.

4) And of course, the Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations OVA. I would have liked to have had these translations up a month ago, when it first came out, but I've been a bit busy graduating. (It only took, what, five and a half years for two majors and a language? Someday I will learn to do things in moderation. <--- she said with more conviction than she felt.) Anyway:

Synchronicity romaji )
Synchronicity translation )
Saigo no Kajitsu romaji )
Saigo no Kajitsu translation )
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2007-06-27 02:33 pm

lyrics: aikoi, Tsuki no Shijima

...You know, I was working on aikoi some months ago, got annoyed, wandered away, and then completely forgot I hadn't finished it. I really need a keeper. Also, I am somewhat disinclined to translate Sakura songs from now on; you all can do that yourselves, no problem. Just keep this reference list on hand:

the memories I haven't recovered
want to be with you

Every time there's a new song, jumble the words and phrases together in a slightly different order, and you'll have the gist of it.

On that note, aikoi and Tsuki no Shijima.

aikoi romaji )
aikoi translation )
Tsuki no Shijima romaji )
Tsuki no Shijima translation )
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2006-12-24 07:01 pm

lyrics: Love Dub

Merry Christmas Eve! In honor of it, here's the random Christmas song off the Code Geass opening theme single by FLOW. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday, whatever it is!

Love Dub romaji )
Love Dub translation )
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2006-10-21 03:12 am

lyrics: Kagerou, Michiyuki

And finishing off for tonight, the rest of xxxHOLiC and the Loveless ending.

...why can my roommates not go to bed before three in the morning? >_< Or at least let me?

Kagerou romaji )
Kagerou translation )
Michiyuki romaji )
Michiyuki translation )
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2006-09-09 12:30 am

lyrics: dream scape

Just the one Tsubasa song today; I'm too tired to hack through the xxxHOLiC stuff right now.

dream scape romaji )
dream scape translation )
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2006-07-05 05:04 am

Tsubasa Chapitre 121

Since it seems the scans might be delayed a bit due to the holidays, here's a summary of Tsubasa Chapitre 121 for those who are just desperate to know what happened (like me - I ran out to the nearest 7/11 in the pouring rain at an ungodly hour this morning to get this thing!).

Chapitre 121 )
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2006-06-24 07:44 am

translation: Horitsuba drama CD 1

I wasn't really intending to translate the Horitsuba drama CD (at least not anytime soon), but... Well, I really didn't want to do my homework. Amazing what a motivating factor that is, isn't it?

Translation notes )
Horitsuba Private Academy - Look Forward to Valentine's Day! )
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2006-05-30 03:39 am

lyrics: IT'S, Kazemachi Jet

Tsubasa today - the second season opening and ending. I have to say, IT'S really grew on me (but then, I like Kinya; his songs are usually fairly generic, but they have good energy), but Kazemachi Jet... not so much. As always, my Japanese is far from perfect and any suggestions are welcome.

IT'S romaji )
IT'S translation )
Kazemachi Jet romaji )
Kazemachi Jet translation )
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2006-04-29 10:46 am

lyrics: Kesenai Tsumi, Arigatou

Lyrics instead of writing lately, but Japanese practice unfortunately has to take precedence at the moment. Fullmetal Alchemist and KOKIA this post.

Kesenai Tsumi romaji )
Kesenai Tsumi translation )
Arigatou romaji )
Arigatou translation )
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2005-10-21 10:03 am

Lyrics: Sanagi

I finally got around to finishing the Sanagi lyrics the other day. Much love for whoever scanned the movie fanbook, since that's where I got the kanji sheet. Much love for this song, too!
Sanagi romaji )
Sanagi translation )
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2005-09-08 10:57 am

Lyrics, Jasmine

Okay, I've finally gotten this thing checked out, so it should be accurate within my usual range. Anyone who asked to use this translation is now ready to go!

Jasmine romaji )
Jasmine translation )
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2005-08-23 10:13 am

Lyrics: Amrita

I really need to be packing... But in the meantime, aside from running all over the state with my friends as we frantically try to cram an entire summer's worth of playing into the last week, I made some corrections and added some additional notes for Blaze in my previous post (teach me to do these things at three in the morning) and did the translation for Amrita with the help of Lothe at the forums, for which I thank her immensely; the thing was sending me into twitching fits. I still want to do my own version of Loop, even though it's been done several times before, and I may or may not do Jasmine as well, but either way I'll probably have finished off this random urge to translate - I did make a few stabs at romanizing Aerial, but the scan of the kanji sheet is just too small to see properly.

Note: Romaji can be found here.

Amrita translation )
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2005-08-19 07:37 pm

Lyrics: Amrita, you are my love, Blaze

Well, at least it was a productive sort of twitchy last night. ^_^() Admittedly, a better sort of productivity would have been writing or packing or something, but whatever. Romaji for Amrita, the Makino Yui version of you are my love, and Blaze, and translations for you are my love and Blaze. As always, I'd like to point out that my Japanese is less than brilliant, so corrections are deeply appreciated!

Amrita romaji )
you are my love romaji )
you are my love translation )
Blaze romaji )
Blaze translation )